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The Rise Of Vercetti Enterprise

Twelve years ago, Danny Vercetti, had a vision for a start-up company. Today, with the help of two colleagues, Edward Kiejliches and Christopher Cobas, Vercetti Enterprises is officially up and running, offering a variety of services for clients who seek to develop real estate.

Vercetti Enterprises is a real estate development and construction firm. We provide clients with a wide array of turn-key management and construction solutions by leveraging our team’s knowledge and experience. – Danny Vercetti

After noticing how many companies lack the full range of experience from development and construction management to general contracting, Vercetti designed the firm to deliver comprehensive and fully integrated services to meet every client’s goal. He found it essential to provide turn-key services, meaning development from beginning to end.

Vercetti’s broad experience in the field equipped him with the skills to take on such a task. As a high school graduate from technical high school, Miami Lakes Educational Center, he delved into his field of expertise at Miami-Dade College and Florida International University. Currently, he has an Associates in Arts with a concentration in Building Construction Technology, a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management, and a Master’s of Science in International Real Estate.

He applied his skills in various firms before deciding to branch out and develop his own. Working with various companies, such as OHL-Arellano, Link Construction Group, Optimum Development USA, and learning from them has led him to take this bold step.

As a result, Vercetti Enterprises offers three main services: Development Management, Construction Management, and General Contracting. For Development Management, the firm provides acquisition analysis, zoning management, proformas, cash flow projections, design and program management, and permit management. For Construction Management, they provide the owner’s representation that includes bid analysis, contract negotiations, pay application review, schedule management, and closeout and turnover management.

For General Contracting they offer pre-construction services such as budgeting, value engineering, construction scheduling and construction services for Lump Sum, Guaranteed Maximum Price, Cost Plus, and Construction Manager at Risk contract structures. In other words, clients turn to the firm with ideas and, using its established connections and resources, the firm makes them a reality. Already, Vercetti Enterprises has left an imprint in the South Florida landscape, with projects that have contract values ranging from $500,000 to $20,000,000.

Pleased with the current state of the enterprise, Vercetti plans to continue facilitating its growth in the Miami-Dade and Broward area.

“South Florida is diverse in many ways, not only is it a melting pot of culture but also a source of untapped potential within our industry,” he said.

Recognizing the diversity of the area both culturally and economically, Vercetti continuously donates generous amounts of funds to community organizations such as Nicolaus Children’s Hospital and Camillus House. Vercetti also seeks to provide opportunities for aspiring young professionals such as myself, Edysmar Diaz-Cruz, a current student and managing editor of The Harbinger newspaper. As an alumnus, he reached out to the Miami Lakes Educational Center to engage the students at The Harbinger to create the enterprise’s first article.

All in all, Vercetti Enterprises seeks to enrich the community by tailoring to the needs of not only their clients but also the South Florida community. In doing so, their slogan embodies their utmost goal in providing their unique services: “Developing a foundation you can rely on.”

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